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Cape Verde Islands

The Location

The Cape Verde Islands rise out of the ocean roughly 460 kilometres from the western coast of Africa. The archipelago is of volcanic origin and is divided into a northern and southern group, known respectively as the Windward and the Leeward Islands. Some 427,000 people live here on over 4,000 square kilometres of land.

While the number of visitors continues to climb each year, mass tourism has yet to take hold on the Cape Verde Islands. Those looking to learn more about the country, its people and its culture will need a certain DIY spirit.

But for those who love hiking or simply enjoying tranquillity away from the hectic of large hotel facilities or tours that are planned down to the minutest details, then the "green islands" of Cape Verde (including the island of Santo Antão) have much to offer.

You just have to be ready for a bit of exploration!

Cape Verde Islands: Archipelago on the African coast
The islands — you can see the colour of the landscape on each island even from a satellite!

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