Aldeia Manga Team

The Aldeia Manga team is comprised of eight persons all from the Paúl Valley. Several live directly next to Aldeia Manga, while others are a few kilometres away by foot or bicycle. They are all glad to have work right on their own island and region instead of having to migrate to the other islands.

Our employees are calm, eager to help and yet not at all intrusive, and are always happy to chat — including in English at the reception desk. Feel free to ask them about their lives, their views and their culture. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to learn a bit of Creole, the national language of Cape Verde, or improve on your Portuguese.

Introducing The Team

Carmelita and Frederico stand ready at the reception desk to handle any concerns, offer tips, organise transportation by taxi or shared taxi or sell hiking maps. Both speak English well and also a bit of French. They are on hand from 7 am to 1 pm and from 1 pm to 7 pm respectively.

Edson is responsible for the maintenance of the house and garden and all other technical tasks.

Luisa and Glória are on site in the morning. They prepare breakfast and laundry, clean the houses and resupply towels and other consumable items. They’re also the ones to ensure that there are always cold drinks on hand in the refrigerator on the covered terrace.

Zena and Anisia cook dinner and help with the cleaning. They are active in the evening at Aldeia Manga.

While Carmelita and Frederico speak English well and some French – Edson, Zena, Glória, Anisia and Luisa can only speak Creole and a bit of Portuguese. This shouldn’t be a problem though — communication works quite well here with hands and feet!